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About  Lamplight Records

Lamplight Records was formed in 2006 primarily to manufacture and distribute the recordings of Australian saxophonist Andrew Robson.
Already, Lamplight Records has expanded its activities by offering a small selection of titles by other groups and establishing an on-line presence via this virtual record store.
The long term goal of Lamplight Records is to continue to expand its catalogue and by this, assist in the promotion of Australian inprovised music and improvising musicians.
Many of the recordings listed on the Lamplight Records site can be difficult to find and are often funded by the musicians themselves. Apart from Sydney's Birdland Records, Basement Discs in Melbourne and a handful of other outlets around Australia, there are very few outlets selling small run, independent jazz releases. Lamplight Records hopes to provide a doorway to a virtual record store that stocks these hard to get titles.
If there is a recording that we can help locate for you please email us at info@lamplightrecords.com and we will do our best find it or, at least point you in the right direction. Also please email us with suggestions about this site and even ideas for future releases.  Alternatively there is a short survey ( just click the survey tab at the bottom of this page) - all feedback is appreciated!


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